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2016 Kenny White Long List of Priors
2010 Kenny White Comfort in the Static
2008 Kenny White The Circuitous Route (DVD)
2006 Kenny White Never Like This
2005 Kenny White Symphony in 16 Bars
2003 Kenny White Testing…1,2 (live ep) (out of print)
2001 Kenny White Uninvited Guest

Selected Appearances

2016 Peter Wolf — A Cure for Loneliness {producer, musician, vocalist}
2016 Dennis Brennan — Into This World {piano – ‘Out of this World’}
2016 Thank God For Science – Vol. 1 {keyboards, Ahoi Palloi}
2014 Goats In Trees — The Golden Thread {piano, organ}
2012 Cheryl Wheeler — Greetings From… {producer, piano, vocalist}
2011 Judy Collins — Bohemian {duet vocal, Veteran’s Day}
2010 Peter Wolf – Midnight Souvenirs {producer, musician, vocalist}
2009 Cheryl Wheeler – Pointing at the Sun {producer (3 songs), musician, vocalist}
2009 Beatles Complete on Ukelele (Don’t Pass Me By, Thank You Girl) {performer}
2009 Jeff Golub – Blues for You {piano, B3}
2008 Judy Collins Tribute – Born To the Breed {performer, “Song for Martin”}
2008 The Music of Jason Crigler {vocalist, ‘Mr. Important Person’}}
2008 Duke Levine-Beneath the Blue {Lowery and B3}
2007 Marc Cohn – Join the Parade {co-writer, ‘Let Me Be Your Witness,’ musician}
2007 The Mystix – Blue Morning {piano, B3}
2007 Dennis Brennan — Engagement {piano, B3}
2006 Angela Reed – Undertone {piano, B3, guitar, omnichord, wurlitzer}
2006 Spottiswoode & McMahon – S&M {piano}
2006 The Mystix – Satisfy You {piano}
2005 Cheryl Wheeler – Defying Gravity {musician, vocalist}
2004 Spottiswoode and His Enemies- Building a Road {piano, B3}
2002 Peter Wolf – Sleepless {producer, musician, vocalist}
2001 Shawn Colvin – Whole New You {vocalist}
2000 Richard Shindell – Somewhere Near Patterson {piano}
1999 Catie Curtis – Crash Test in Rose {piano, B3, duet vocalist}
1999 Jeff Golub – Out of the Blue {piano}
1999 Cheryl Wheeler – Sylvia Hotel {musician, vocalist}
1998 Dee Carstensen – The Map {songwriter-“Savior,”, musician, vocalist}
1998 Bill Staines – The First Million Miles, Vol. 2 {piano}
1999 Marc Cohn – Burning the Daze {piano, ac guitar, percussion, vocals}
1999 Various Artists – Elmopalooza {producer, I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon}
1999 Peter Wolf – Fool’s Parade {producer, musican, vocalist}
1998 Holly Palmer – Tenderhooks {songwriter*, musician}
1997 Jonathan Edwards – Man in the Moon {producer, musician}
1996 Holly Palmer – Holly Palmer {producer, songwriter**, musician, vocalist}
1996 Cheryl Wheeler – Mrs. Pinoociʼs Guitar {producer, musician}
1994 Shawn Colvin – Cover Girl {vocalist}
1994 Arnold McCuller – You Can’t Go Back {songwriter, “Close to Heaven”}
1994 Arnold McCuller – Exception to the Rule {songwriter, “Love Carries On, Paper Moon”}
1994 Jonathan Edwards – One Day Closer {musician}
1993 Cheryl Wheeler – Driving Home {producer, musician}
1993 The Seldom Scene – Blue Ridge {piano}
1992 Shawn Colvin – Fat City {producer- I Don’t Know Why, musician, vocalist}
1992 Cheryl Wheeler – Half a Book {musician, vocalist}
1992 Bill Staines – The First Million Years {piano}
1991 Marc Cohn – Marc Cohn {keyboards, percussion, vocalist}
1987 Neville Brothers – Uptown {songwriter, “Shek-A-Na-Na”)
1987 Bill Staines – Redbirdʼs Wing {piano}
1986 Bill Staines – Sandstone Cathedral {piano}
1986 Cheryl Wheeler – Cheryl Wheeler {musician, vocalist}
1984 David Mallet – Open Doors & Windows {musician}
1980 Jonathan Edwards – Live {musician, vocalist}

* (Is Anybody Home, A Rose by Any Other Name, Divided)
**(Come Lie With Me, Lickerish Man, Wide Open Spaces, Sal, the Gardener)

Music for Film

2000 Where the Heart Is {piano}
1999 A Walk on the Moon {piano}
1999 Ed TV, “Turning Pages” by Peter Wolf” {Producer, Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion}
1999 Message in a Bottle “Fallen Angel” {Co-written with Marc Cohn, Producer, Piano, Organ, Vocals}
1999 Forces of Nature, “A Rose by Any Other Name” {Co-Written w/Holly Palmer}
1997 Edie & Pen, ”Fall of Rome” {Co-Written w/Shawn Colvin}
1993 Stolen Babies {Piano}
1991 City of Hope {Piano}
1985 Key Exchange {Piano, B3, vocalist}
1984 Brother From Another Planet {Piano, Keyboards, SFX}
1983 Lianna {Piano}

Photo by Neale Eckstein

Photo by Neale Eckstein

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