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George Graham

The Graham Album Review #1876

Kenny White: “Long List of Priors” by George Graham

While the public tends to be attracted to the rock stars of the world, the music business is full of people who maintain a much lower-profile career, and often enjoy it that way. But they can still end up being influential among other artists and savvy fans.  Read more…

George Graham

Kenny White Records One for the Ages

by Dr. Glenn Berger PhD

If you are as old as I am, you remember a time when there was nothing as exciting as perusing the bins at a record store, finding an album with an intriguing cover and an artist you’d never heard of, bringing the disc home, putting it on the turntable and absolutely loving what you discovered and listening to it from start to finish over and over again. Remember that? When was the last time you dug a record so much that you listened to the whole thing and did it more than once? (The last time for me was with Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black and that was ten years ago!) Well, it’s finally happened again, and the record is Kenny White’s Long List of Priors.   Read more…

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